Scholarships and Funding

-Regular quota Exchanges from CAPES, CNPq and FAPEMIG granted to PPGCN will be distributed considering criteria detailed in the edicts, which will be published when there is availability of scholarships;
-The notice will be posted on PPGCN page ( and circulated by e-mail to students enrolled;
-It will be considered students eligible to compete for a scholarship all those selected by the regular selection process PPGCN and that meet the following criteria:
-Master´s student regularly registered until the 18th month and not be defaulted with programmes of UFV;
-Doctorade´s student regularly enrolled until the 36th month and not be defaulted with programmes of UFV;
-Students who joined without going through the regular selection process PPGCN, as provided for in international agreements concluded between universities cannot compete at regular quota of scholarships, granted by CAPES, CNPq and FAPEMIG;

-All candidates eligible to compete for scholarships for the edict published curriculum must address duly established as the model shown in the model below, available on the official website of PPGCN, within the deadlines established by the edict published;
-Registration with curriculum designed in accordance with the model provided will be avoid;
-Candidates with employment bond will not be able to compete for scholarships, except when permitted by funding agencies;
-Entries out of certain deadlines will not be accepted;
-Unproven curriculum Items according to the specifications of the offered model will not be scored;

-The score of resumes will be held by the student member of Coordinating Committee of the PPGCN, with assistance from other members and guiding teachers PPGCN when necessary;
-The scores of each section of the curriculum are adjusted according to the respective weights of sections, with reference to the scores obtained in each section;
-After sum of grades obtained in each section, the candidates will be sorted in descending order and the scholarships distributed according to availability;
-In the event of a tie, will be considered initially the score obtained in the section “scientific literature” and subsequently the entry in PPGCN (older students will have preference);
-The results will be valid for 60 days from the date of disclosure of the notes. If other scholarships are made available during this period, is considered to be the result of evaluating in force;
-Applicants may appeal the grades obtained in a maximum period of 48 hours after publication of the results of the notice, upon delivery of craft with justification the Commission Coordinator of PPGCN


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