Program Overview

The Graduate Program in Nutrition Science (PPGCN-UFV), a master’s and doctorate level, aims at providing specialized education in food, nutrition, and health with an approach oriented to the individual, household and groups/communities seeking excellence in different areas of knowledge and professional training for the exercise of teaching, research and professional activities. We aim to integrate into the society, qualified professionals that meet the reality of the scientific, technological and innovation development in the country.
Each student is prepared for a comprehensive domain in the knowledge areas of nutrition, enabling them to conduct work with intellectual independence and creativity, emphasizing the interdisciplinary and teamwork.
The program duration is no more than 24 months for a master’s degree and 48 months for the doctorate. The period in which the student must attend 24 and 48 credits, respectively. There are two research lines for research projects: “Dietetics and Food Quality” and “Health and nutrition of individuals and populations.” In the first line, the student will develop basic research with food, as well as studying the impact of specific nutrients and foods on human health. In the second one, experiencing the local reality; the student may conduct research directed to planning and health management, and/or intervention programs in nutrition.
The Graduate Program in Nutrition Science (PPGCN) is linked to the Department of Nutrition and Health at UFV and resulted from the experience of its professors as advisors or Co-Advisors of master and doctorate students from other graduate programs in UFV and other colleges in the country.
PPGCN, at the master’s level, began in March 2001, and at the doctorate level in March 2010. Our master’s and doctorate students are trained to be independent researchers, capable to modify the epidemiology, nutrition, and health of the population when necessary.
DNS-011: Health and Nutrition of Individuals and Populations
DNS-012: Dietetics and Food Quality

 – Faculty
Andréia Queiroz Ribeiro
Bárbara Pereira da Silva
Carla de Oliveira Barbosa Rosa
Ceres Mattos Della Lucia
Eliana Carla Gomes de Souza
Glauce Dias da Costa
Helen Hermana Miranda Hermsdorff
Hércia Stampini Duarte Martino
Izabela Maria Montezano de Carvalho
Josefina Bressan
Juliana Farias de Novaes
Leidjaira Juvanhol Lopes
Maria do Carmo Gouveia Peluzio
Raquel Maria Amaral Araújo
Rita de Cássia Gonçalves Alfenas
Rosângela Minardi Mitre Cotta
Sarah Aparecida Vieira Ribeiro
Silvia Eloiza Priore
Sylvia do Carmo Castro Franceschini
 – Staff
Antônio de Paula Messias Lopes
Larissa Gonçalves Pereira
Ricardo de Brito Antonucci
Natália Aparecida Liberato Silva
Solange Mara Bigonha
Renata Celi Lopes Toledo
PROGRAM CHAIR: Josefina Bressan (

Andréia Queiroz Ribeiro (
Hércia Stampini Duarte Martino (
Sylvia do Carmo Castro Franceschini (
Natália da Silva Bomfim (student representation –
Iasmim Xisto Capos (student representation –

PROGRAM’S OFFICE: Rita de Cássia Stampini Oliveira Lopes  (


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