Year of defense 2009

Amanda de Carvalho Mello
Date of defense: 09/25/2009
Advisor: Adelson Luiz Araújo Tinôco
Title: Applicability of anthropometric parameters and bioelectrical impedance in the nutritional status assessment of elderly

Ariela Werneck de Carvalho
Date of defense: 06/24/2009
Advisor: Hércia Stampini Duarte Martino
Title: Iron bioavailability and protein quality to a new soybean cultivar UFVTN
105AP with high protein content

Bianka Caliman Salvador
Date of defense: 06/26/2009
Advisor: Sílvia Eloíza Priore
Title: The relationship of variables at birth and in adolescence with metabolic
syndrome risk markers in adolescents

Ceres Mattos Della Lucia
Date of defense: 03/17/2009
Advisor: Helena Maria Pinheiro Sant’Ana
Title: Folates analysis in leafy vegetables by high performance liquid chromatography and detection by fluorescence

Fabiana de Cássia Carvalho Oliveira
Date of defense: 03/20/2009
Advisor: Sylvia do Carmo Castro Franceschini
Title: Nutritional status of children enrolled in the Bolsa Família Program in the city of Paula Cândido, Minas Gerais, Brazil: Emphasis on short stature and iron deficiency anemia

Fernanda Cristina Esteves de Oliveira
Date of defense: 07/28/2009
Advisor: Josefina Bressan
Title: Effects dissociated diets in protein and carbohydrates on body composition, energy metabolism and eating behavior in men with excess weight.

Fernanda de Carvalho Vidigal
Date of defense: 06/18/2009
Advisor: Lina Enriqueta F. Paez de Lima Rosado
Title: Capacity of anthropometric, biochemical and body composition indicators in
the prediction of changes in levels of hs-CRP and fibrinogen in adult males

Gilson Irineu de Oliveira Junior
Date of defense: 04/30/2009
Advisor: Neuza Maria Brunoro Costa
Title: Influence of fibrous residue of corn bran of iron, zinc and calcium in rats

Hudsara Aparecida de Almeida Paula
Date of defense: 02/18/2009
Advisor: Rita de Cássia Lanes Ribeiro
Title: Predictive capacity of different adiposity markers for risk of the metabolic syndrome in elderly.

Jorge de Assis Costa
Date of defense: 03/23/2009
Advisor: Rita de Cássia Gonçalves Alfenas
Title: Effect of the glycemic index of foods on anthropometric parameters, on body composition and on food intake.

Karine de Oliveira Gomes
Date of defense: 06/25/2009
Advisor: Rosângela Minardi Mitre Cotta
Title: Family health program – of the attendance to the care: evaluation of the implementation of the primary health care

Karolina Gatti
Date of defense: 12/15/2009
Advisor: João Carlos Bouzas Marins
Title: Effect of physical form of energy supplements on performance and hydration soccer

Lorena Barbosa
Date of defense: 08/07/2009
Advisor: Rita de Cássia Lanes Ribeiro
Title: Gestational and birth characteristics and feeding in the first year of life and its relationship with dyslipidemias and overweight in schoolchildren.

Monise Viana Abranches
Date of defense: 06/29/2009
Advisor: Maria do Carmo Gouveia Peluzio
Title: Antioxidant Vitamins, Cytokines, and Breast Cancer: A Case-Control Study

Otaviana Cardoso Chaves
Date of defense 10/08/2009
Advisor: Silvia Eloíza Priore
Title: Association of the determinants of parents’ nutritional status with the adolescents’ nutritional status in Viçosa – MG.

Renata de Souza Ferreira
Date of defense: 03/30/2009
Advisor: Gilberto Paixão Rosado
Title: Development of handmade enteral formulations of lower cost adequate in fluidity and osmolality

Vanessa Barbosa de Moraes
Date of defense: 07/16/2009
Advisor: Neuza Maria Brunoro
Title: Effect of residue from the dry milling of corn micropulverizado on lipid metabolism in blood glucose and body composition in rats fed the cafeteria diet.


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