Year of defense 2022

Ariane Ribeiro de Freitas Rocha
Date of defense:21/02/2022
Advisor: Sílvia Eloíza Priore
Title: Inflammatory markers, body fat percentage and components of metabolic syndrome in adolescents

Darlene Larissa de Souza Vilela
Date of defense:07/02/2022
Advisor:Josefina Bressan
Title: Macronutrients and their relationship with weight loss and cardiometabolic markers in patients undergoing roux-en-Y gastric bypass.

Gabriela Macedo Fraiz
Date of defense: 24/02/2022
Advisor: Josefina Bressan
Title: Evaluation of black tea kombucha consumption on anthropometric and cardiometabolic parameters, considering the diet’s quality ofindividuals with and without obesity.

Glenda Carvalho Xavier Ladeira
Date of defense: 22/02/2022
Advisor: Helen Hermana Miranda Hermsdorff
Title: Predictors of the change in the TyG index in individuals at cardiometabolic risk submitted to nutritional intervention
In confidence

Iolanda de Fátima cesar da Silva
Date of defense20/12/2022
Advisor Raquel Maria Amaral Araújo
Title: Relationship between parental food style, food quality and nutritional status in children with serving mothers and/or students at public higher education institutions in Brazil
In confidence

Isah Rabiu
Date of defense22/07/2022
Advisor: Juliana Farias de Novaes
Title: Score evaluation for the consumption of ultra-processed foods in children and its relationship with cardiometabolic risk
In confidence

Khaula Hamina de Jesus Yasin
Date of defense29/06/2022
Advisor: Raquel Maria Amaral Araújo
Title: Relationship between the eating behavior of mothers at meals and the nutritional status and quality of the food of the child: a study with servants and students of public institutions of higher education
In confidence

Livya Alves Oliveira
Date of defense29/08/2022
Advisor: Ceres Mattos Della Lucia
Title: Nutritional characterization of edible insect flour with potential for use in human food
In confidence

Mayara Dias Parreira da Silva
Date of defense: 11/07/2022
Advisor: Leidjaira Juvanhol Lopes
Title: Binge eating, insulin resistance and incidence of type 2 diabetes: Findings from the Longitudinal Study of Adult Health (ELSA-Brasil)
In confidence

Vanessa Cardoso do Carmo
Date of defense31/08/2022
Advisor: Sarah Aparecida Vieira Ribeiro
Title: Dietary total antioxidant capacity (CATd) and dietary inflammatory index (DII-c) of children aged 4 to 7 years: association with food consumption, sociodemographic characteristics, lifestyle habits and cardiometabolic risk


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