Year of defense 2021

Alinne Paula de Almeida
Date of defense: 02/07/2021
Advisor: Helen Hermana Miranda Hermsdorff
Titles: Food consumption and cardiometabolic risk among individuals in secondary prevention care: results from DICA-Br study
In confidence

Almeida Abudo Leite Machamba
Date of defense: 09/06/2021
Advisor: Sylvia do Carmo Castro Franceschini
Titles: Associated factors of urinary iodine concentration in pregnant women and lactating women – serves as part of EMDI-Brasil

Ana Paula Silva Caldas
Date of defense: 26/03/2021
Advisor: Josefina Bressan
Titles: Effect of Brazilian nuts intake on body composition, endothelial function, and oxidative stress of cardiometabolic risk women
In confidence

Daniela Mayumi Usuda Prado Rocha
Date of defense: 31/08/2021
Advisor: Helen Hermana Miranda Hermsdorff
TItle: Influência do consumo de castanhas brasileiras sobre o peso corporal, apetite, resposta glicêmica e marcadores inflamatórios em mulheres com excesso de peso
In confidence

Lara Gomes Suhett
Date of defense: 11/08/2021
Advisor: Juliana Farais de Novaes
Titles: Children’s dietary inflammatory index: association with sociodemographic and behavioral factors, cardiometabolic risk, and inflammatory markers (PASE STUDY)
In confidence

Larissa Oliveira Chaves
Date of defense: 17/09/2021
Advisor: Josefina Bressan
Title: Sociodemographic, clinical,lifestyle and food consumption profile of population with heart disease (DICA Br study): an investigation basead on machine learning
In confidence

Marcela Martins Soares
Date of defense: 03/11/2021
Advisor: Sylvia do Carmo Castro Franceschini
Title: Quality of food consumption of children in the complementary feeding period: association with maternal factors and children’s nutritional state
In confidence

Mariana de Santis Filgueiras
Date of defense: 13/07/2021
Advisor:  Juliana Farias de Novaes
Titles: Body adiposity and adipokines concentrations in children: relationship with cardiometabolic risk and the obesogenic environment around schools and homes
In confidence

Mariana Moura e Dias
Date of defense: 10/08/2021
Advisor: Maria do Carmo Gouveia Peluzio
Titles:  Effect of the candidate probiotic Lactobacillus gasseri (LG-G12) and/or antimicrobial (ceftriaxone) associated with the offer of a standard diet: an experimental study on obesity induction model
In confidence

Mayla Paula Torres Simplício
Date of defense: 13/05/2021
Advisor: Sylvia do Carmo Castro Fracneschini
Titles: Health of College Students of Brazilian Federal Institutions

Olivia Gonçalves Leão Coelho
Date of defense: 22/07/2021
Advisor: Rita de Cássia Gonlçalves Alfenas
Titles: Effect of grape juice and grape products on glycemia, appetite and glycation markers on excess body weight control
In confidence

Priscila Vaz de Melo Ribeiro
Date of defense: 22/06/2021
Advisor: Rita de Cássia Gonlçalves Alfenas
itles:  Effects of yacon flour (Smallanthus sonchifolius) and energy-restricted diet on glycation markers and intestinal microbiota in adults with excess body weight
In confidence


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