Year of defense 2020

Bárbara Nery Enes
Date of defense: 28/02/2020
Advisor: Hércia Stampini Duarte Martino
Title: Effect of chia (Salvia hispanica L.) on glucose metabolism, and their molecular mechanisms on insulin resistance conditions, in vivo and in vitro.

Dalila Pinto de Souza Fernandes
Date of defense: 28/02/2020
Advisor: Andréia Queiroz Ribeiro
Title: Nutritional status, functional disability and mortality among elderly people in Viçosa, Minas Gerais

Juliano Magalhães Guedes
Date of defense: 05/08/2020
Advisor: Antônio José Natali
Title:Effects of resistance training and β-hydroxy β-methylbutyrate (HMB) supplementation on muscle strength, body composition and lipid metabolism in Wistar rats.

Karla Pereira Balbino
Date of defense: 20/02/2020
Advisor:  Helen Hermana Miranda Hermsdorff
Title: Food consumption, cardiometabolic risk biomarkers and mortality of individuals on hemodialysis (NUGE-HD Study)

Kliver Antônio Marim
Date of defense: 12/07/2020
Advisor: Antônio José Natali
Title: Association of sedentary behavior with cardiometabolic risk factors in middle-aged adults, public servants in Palmas city – TO.

Lilian Lelis Lopes
Date of defense: 25/03/2020
Advisor:  Helen Hermana Miranda Hermsdorff
Title: Lipid consumption and its sources: association with metabolic syndrome and weight gain (CUME project)

Luiza Veloso Dutra
Date of defense:28/02/2020
Advisor:  Silvia Eloíza Priore
Title: Household availability of food in Brazil, according to the degree of processing, form of acquisition and associated factors: data from the 2008/2009 Household Budget Survey

Mariana Grancieri
Date of defense: 20/01/2020
Advisor:  Hércia Stampini Duarte Martino
Title: Effect of digested total protein, protein fractions, and pure peptides from chia seeds (Salvia hispanic L.) on inflammation, atherosclerosis and adipogenesis in silico and in vitro

Mariane Alves Silva
Date of defense: 17/12/2020
Advisor: Juliana Farias de Novaes
Title: Polymorphisms of the FTO, MC4R and MTMR9 genes and their associations with cardiometabolic risk and inflammatory diet in childhood

Maria Sortênia Alves Guimarães
Date of defense: 20/03/2020
Advisor:  Andréia Queiroz Ribeiro
Title: Body composition, muscle strength and functional disability in the elderly in Palmas, Tocantins

Nilton Vale Cavalcante
Date of defense: 11/12/2020
Advisor: Rosângela Minardi Mitre Cotta
Título: Association between dental caries, individual and contextual factors of adolescents and the school environment: a multilevel analysis in the Legal Amazon of Brazil.

Renata Andrade de Medeiros Moreira
Date od defense: 11/05/2020
Advisor: Rosângela Minardi Mitre Cotta
Titles: Relationship of in children with nutritional parameters and school environment: a multilevel analysis of the School Health Program in Palmas – TO, Brazil.


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